Tunes Tuesday: "Real Love Baby," Father John Misty

It's definitely a sign of how disconnected I am from new music right now that I didn't know about this excellent new Father John Misty track until now. I'm a true fan girl and this song was released six months ago, for goodness sake!!! 

I should probably put up a Google Alert for him. Instead, I had to stumble across a mean-spirited passage this fall about Father John Misty in the WaPo review of Lady Gaga's Joanne while reading a PRINTED OUT NEWSPAPER, egads.

White men continue to enjoy the most security in our society, and because fraudulence doesn’t require much risk, Caucasoid fraud-bros are all around us. Among the most irritating to materialize in recent memory is Father John Misty, an obsequious indie-folk carpetbagger whose ­zany-smug lyrics about sex and cynicism help to posit him as a bit of a cad. When the New Yorker recently invited him to give a public talk in Manhattan, the singer greeted the audience by saying, “I cannot believe you guys bought tickets to this.” A fraud move for sure, but also something he might consider saying at the outset of every Father John Misty concert.
— Chris Richards, Washington Post

Listen, a Lady Gaga country album was truly something no one asked for, but leave FMJ alone. "Caucasoid fraud-bro obsequious indie-folk carpet bagger?" It's an act and he is a national treasure.

Please ignore the haters and keep making reverb-soaked, wall-of-sound, sincerely fake indie-folk love songs, Father John Misty! Just like this one. 

Tunes Tuesday, Lykki Li, "Silver Springs"

Gonna get this Tunes Tuesday in before midnight EST. I just got back from karaoke which involved this Fleetwood Mac classic. Now call this blasphemous but I'm straight up obsessed with Lykki's cover. I keep coming back to it over the years and I don't think I've ever played it without immediately listening again. The lyrics are so sad and sweet, and Lykki's voice is the perfect match. This song gives me chills, even after all those repeats.