The DIY Move With Wegobox

Note: this isn't a sponsored post. Just wanted to share about my experience using an eco-friendly box service for my move, because I think it's a cool idea. Keep in mind that I am the type of person who will go above and beyond to be "green," i.e. the type of person who would actually buy an indoor composter. With that in mind, here it goes:


I've never bought boxes for a move. Last time, my office happened to be moving at the same time and I acquired boxes that way. But alas, that wasn't the case this go around, and I didn't feel like buying something that was just going to be thrown away. Plus, we didn't hire movers so I wanted to make it as easy as possible. All of this is a justification for dropping a not insignificant amount on Wegobox

I would do it again, though! The company dropped off the boxes a week before my move. You can see above: that's the "1 bedroom" stack of boxes. The boxes blocked out the sun in my apartment. I thought I would never use all of them. But I did... It's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate without realizing it.

I loved not having to tape up the boxes, and the fact that they are stackable. Just throw things in and close the lid. The thing is that they can get heavy fast, so I didn't fill them up all the way. As you can see from the box filled with outlandish shoes and the Holy Bible. That pretty much sums me up.

The move itself went so smoothly. We couldn't have done it without our friends, who graciously came to help. I have no idea why. Moving is horrible. The only answer must be that they are saints on earth. Joe's friend Mark packed all my stuff up in the smallest U-Haul with a Tetris-like precision that I still can't get over. In the picture above, you can see me "helping." By carrying an ironing board and eating a donut.

When we arrived at our new apartment, we wheeled out the boxes on two of Wegobox's dollies, right up the elevator and into the apartment. Then a week later, the company picked them up and that was that. I think it definitely helped our move. 

We're loving the new apartment! It's very, very small. The floor plan is kind of a loop, so Joe and I kept going in different directions and then bumping into each other. "Oh, you again?"

But I think it's going to work out just fine. In fact, it's going to be groovy. For now, I'm plotting out my next shopping spree at the Container Store to figure out where to put all this stuff I spent so much time and effort moving here. Can't wait to get it all corralled!