Tunes Tuesday, Lykki Li, "Silver Springs"

Gonna get this Tunes Tuesday in before midnight EST. I just got back from karaoke which involved this Fleetwood Mac classic. Now call this blasphemous but I'm straight up obsessed with Lykki's cover. I keep coming back to it over the years and I don't think I've ever played it without immediately listening again. The lyrics are so sad and sweet, and Lykki's voice is the perfect match. This song gives me chills, even after all those repeats.

Tunes Tuesday: "Follow," Owen Thiele x Zack Sekoff

I was about to chalk up 2015 as a lost year for music, until Kate Miss released her 2015 "Best of" music playlist. Yess!! It's amazing. This song is stuck in my head most of the time, the harmonies are so pretty. This lyric is also particularly sweet: "Tell me now what do I have to do to make you hold my hand."

"People didn't have 22 dresses. They just didn't."

People didn’t buy 32 pairs of Jimmy Choos and Louboutins. People didn’t have 16 pairs of sunglasses. People didn’t have 22 dresses. They just didn’t. They had these clothes to go out and have fun with. They wore these clothes. When you got a piece of Westwood or whatever, you wore it four times a week.
— Kim Jones to Another Mag