Goodbye, Pulp! You Will Be Missed!

I went to interview the manager of Pulp about the store's very sad closing, and then went on a bit of a card-buying bender. 


Employees told me other people had bought more. What can I say? I love cards and this was my last chance at Pulp and everything was 40% off. They always had the coolest assortment, and the best window-shopping experience too. It's a shop that seemed very cosmopolitan to me when I first moved to D.C., after growing up as a NOVA suburban kid. This is what city shopping is supposed to be like, I thought. This is it. 

Now I need to be ok with putting these cards in the mail and letting them go. Life is change, and Meryl from Pulp had a good outlook on it: "It's ok that it comes to an end. It's difficult and it's sad and you kind of wish it didn't have to be that way, but it does."

The Gosh Gee Golly Bests of The Year

Best-of-the-year list time is my favorite time of year, so if only for posterity, I am writing one for my own blog. Here it is: 

Book: I couldn't put down Detroit: An American Autopsy. You'll shake your head in disbelief just about every page. Charlie LeDuff doesn't pull any punches, even when he's writing about his own disfunction. What will happen to Detroit? How will this story end? I also was surprised that Bourdain pretty much rehashed the book in his Detroit Parts Unknown episode, but at least LeDuff was along for the ride.

Honorable mentions:  The Interestings, The Light Between Oceans, David and Goliath, Beautiful Ruins

Music: I felt kind of behind on new music this year, so I am going with what I know. Sorry haters, Vampire Weekend is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Their latest, Modern Vampires of the City, seemed heart-felt. I played "Step" about a million time, but that's not my favorite moment. That has to be the spoken word lyrics on "Finger Back" that goes: "Should she have averted her eyes and just stared at the laminated poster of the Dome of the Rock?" This is just the best for some reason I can not articulate.

Honorable mentions: Tegan & Sara's Hearthrob, Lord Huron's Lonesome Dreams, Thao & The Getdown Staydown's We The Common, Jessie Ware's Devotion and for single, Wale's Bad, not the Rihanna version.

Concert: This is cheating, but Coachella. I can't believe we went. I wrote here about all of our adventures, including falling in love with Father John Misty and nearly getting squished by a giant snail.

Politicians: Our leaders continued to let us down this year at nearly every turn, so I am turning to Canada for some dark comic relief. Put aside Rob Ford's crack scandal for a moment, and let's just focus on his pratfalls. Running into a camera, inexplicably collapsing when attempting to throw a football, dropping candy just out of reach of children at a parade — here's one person who actually does need a reality show.  

Blog: The universe!

Fashion: I like that the Topshop section at Nordstrom Pentagon City exists, that the Brooklyn Flea made it to Washington, and I thought that Thread at Union Market was ambitious, lovely, and unlike anything in D.C. 

Personal: I left Mount Pleasant and moved in with Joe to a groovy little (emphasis on little) apartment on H Street. I loved living in Mount Pleasant with the best roommate ever, but I was excited for Joe and I to start a home together. I counted down the months from January until July. We fell in love with our place and the neighborhood, from Hunted House to Boundary Road.

After three years and some change of growing my hair out, I pulled a Miley and chopped it all off. I think my hair likes being short. Don't know if the world likes it, but who cares.

I took barre classes and yoga classes and tennis classes and quit my gym.

I've challenged 10 bartenders in D.C. to make cocktails on the spot with crazy ingredients like quail eggs, Four Loko, and marmite for my WCP column Remixology (!) and I've been so amazed at the results from these creative folks. So impressive and unflappable.

I still need to pinch myself about Racked DC, I can't believe it. It's been amazing and I can't wait to hit the ground running in 2014. I made some tough decisions over the past two years, knuckled down and did work, got some very lucky breaks, and help from folks around me, and maybe that's the secret, huh? Just stick around and keep plugging away.

I Ate a Cronut! Also Racked DC Launched!

Long blogging pause, but big news! I tried a cronut! And I am the editor of Racked DC, which is so incredibly exciting. Way more exciting than the cronut. But the cronut almost got more likes on Facebook than Racked DC did, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. If you could like Racked DC on Facebook and follow on Twitter, that would be the most amazing thing! I promise to make it worth your while. It's going to be so fun. There is much happening retail-wise in Washington, we should all be proud of our city.


Here are three of my favorite stories to write so far: a profile of the amazingly creative director behind M29 LIFESTYLE in Georgetown, watching the bizarre spectacle that unfolded as shoppers practically mugged Target employees for Phillip Lim purses on launch day in Columbia Heights, and mapping out the best places to acquire a new handbag in Washington. 

OK, now it's cronut time. So I went to NYC last weekend and all I wanted to do was eat a cronut. The hype got me. But I guess I didn't want it enough, because we never got around to standing in line. So I figured my cronut moment would never happen. But then miraculously on the last day of my trip, deus ex machina, a cronut in a box arrived at Debie's door. It was good, yes. And beautiful. But honestly, normal donuts are so good I don't think that this is an improvement. It is just a delicious variation on the tried and true.

So I did wait in a massive line for Mighty Quinn's bbq, waiting more than an hour. But I have no idea why there was a line because it was cafeteria style. It was pretty great though, I recommend going no bun on the pulled pork and the baked beans had too much meat, too little beans.


Taim roasted red pepper falafel will haunt my dreams, so delicious. 


Ramen from an unidentified ramen shop, I got greedy with two eggs and couldn't come close to finishing this.  


The Kate Spade Saturday shop is a cute little universe that I would like to inhabit. 


I was lucky to go up to New York for the Racked Awards  and we ate lunch at the very gorgeous ABC Kitchen. They can make popcorn on an ice cream sundae look elegant. Anna Wintour and Vera Wang happened to be on a lunch date here! I thought I saw Anna, but then thought better of it. Don't be such a tourist, I said to myself. But it was her.


The coveted Golden Turbans at the Racked Awards, with a very cool band. Great party!


I regret that I did not get my fortune read by Roxanne. Another day! 

Beyonce's Pixie and a "Cell Phone Mugging"

Hello my lovelies! (TM Cup of Jo)

Am I crazy or did Beyonce get the same haircut as me? Yay pixie cut! Compare for yourself: Queen B's new hair and my Miley-esque cut, which has since grown out a tad. "Maybe she reads Gosh Gee Golly," Joe said. Ha! I'm digging her hair, obviously, since I'm pro-pixie. Anyway, I feel like I'm on the cutting edge today.

Other than that, I've been busy working. And reading crime stats in local blogs, which is one of my more perverse hobbies. I can't find the link, but there was a story recently about a woman who had her bike stolen, then she saw the thief on her bike the next week and took out her cell phone to call the cops and the same guy stole her phone. Maybe that's an urban legend, ha. Just to give you a baseline for my neurosis, when my dad found out that I was moving to Mount Pleasant, he told my mom, "Her chance of survival is slim." 

Yesterday, I sat in the car while Joe ran and grabbed his dry cleaning. It was a nice day and I had the window down while scrolling through Twitter. Sddenly, a hand shot through the window and I heard someone yell, "Give me your phone." I realize now that my reaction time is very,  very slow. It was like being underwater. I found myself screaming "No!" and lunging towards the driver seat. I looked back at my assailant and... it was a friend of mine. It was all a joke. I wasn't going to end up on the pages of a Capitol Hill blog after all. Anyway, my life flashed before my eyes a bit there, but maybe it was a good drill for the real thing. God forbid.