Animal Watch: Dedicated to Rusty, My Friend's Poodle

Sunday, March 7, 2010

MANCHESTER AVE. NW, 1400 block, Feb. 23. Animal control received a call about a poodle that had become stuck in a tree after it had chased a raccoon or opossum up it. An animal control officer found the dog about seven feet up and called the fire department to assist with a ladder. The officer climbed the tree to restrain the dog, and a firefighter helped both of them down the ladder. The uninjured animal was returned to its owner, who said that it was not the first time the dog had been stuck in a tree.


Another Washington Post "Animal Watch" Gem

This isn't as good as the "Pig Dog" Animal Watch blurb, but it's entertaining nonetheless:

Animal Watch

'Mountain Lion' Turns Out to Be a Softy

Sunday, August 16, 2009

LOVETTSVILLE, Rickard Rd., July 31. A real estate agent reported that she saw an injured mountain lion inside a three-sided shed while she was showing a property in the late afternoon. The view of the shed's interior was partially obscured by weeds at the entrance. When an animal control officer arrived, the animal was not moving. Upon closer inspection, the officer found that it was a large stuffed toy tiger.


Article from the newspaper that I will post without comment

Animal Watch

Son Reports 'Pig Dog' Attack

Sunday, May 17, 2009

KENSINGTON, Madison St., 11000 block, April 29. A youth called an emergency communications center to report that his father was being attacked by a "pig dog." Police and animal services dispatched to the residence found that the "pig dog" was an opossum that had gotten into the home's basement. Because the animal was uninjured and had not bitten the man, it was captured and released outdoors, where it scurried away.

Among cases received by the Montgomery County Animal Services Division