Design Blog Recommendations March 2011

These are well-known, but I love them so much and must share.1.) The Brick House
Morgan's taste may not always fit my sensibilities, but man, does she make weird thrift store art look good. Not to mention her writing is too funny.

2.) So The Brick House led me to the Emily Henderson's blog. She has a show on HGTV that - be still my heart - reminds me of how much fun "Trading Spaces" could be in its prime. I watched her show and then I read the blog and it was even better. She is adorable and her taste is exactly my taste. She loves disco balls, for goodness' sake!


Have you ever invited two people to an event because you figured one would say no - and then they both say yes? What an etiquette dilemma. After this happened a few weeks ago, my coworker and apparent frenemy Luther wrote a blog post about my lack of manners. I tried to make it up to him, but then things got significantly worse. You'll just have to read about it here. The photo-shopped images are classic.

Blog Recommendation - bigBANG Studio

By all accounts, I love blogs. But it's the rare personal blog with writing so inviting that you want to read all the way back to the first post.That's why I am absolutely enamored of bigBANG Studio, a blog by a painter who is currently living in India, having previously toured America via spruced-up trailer and before that lived in the deserts of California.

Whew! That's a whole lotta living. Makes you want to chuck it all and go on an adventure. But for now while I'm sitting in my cubicle, I'll be glad to live vicariously through the talented Lily Stockman's beautiful photography and just as lovely prose.

Here's an article about the bigBang Studio with a similar sentiment.