I Ate a Cronut! Also Racked DC Launched!

Long blogging pause, but big news! I tried a cronut! And I am the editor of Racked DC, which is so incredibly exciting. Way more exciting than the cronut. But the cronut almost got more likes on Facebook than Racked DC did, so I definitely have my work cut out for me. If you could like Racked DC on Facebook and follow on Twitter, that would be the most amazing thing! I promise to make it worth your while. It's going to be so fun. There is much happening retail-wise in Washington, we should all be proud of our city.


Here are three of my favorite stories to write so far: a profile of the amazingly creative director behind M29 LIFESTYLE in Georgetown, watching the bizarre spectacle that unfolded as shoppers practically mugged Target employees for Phillip Lim purses on launch day in Columbia Heights, and mapping out the best places to acquire a new handbag in Washington. 

OK, now it's cronut time. So I went to NYC last weekend and all I wanted to do was eat a cronut. The hype got me. But I guess I didn't want it enough, because we never got around to standing in line. So I figured my cronut moment would never happen. But then miraculously on the last day of my trip, deus ex machina, a cronut in a box arrived at Debie's door. It was good, yes. And beautiful. But honestly, normal donuts are so good I don't think that this is an improvement. It is just a delicious variation on the tried and true.

So I did wait in a massive line for Mighty Quinn's bbq, waiting more than an hour. But I have no idea why there was a line because it was cafeteria style. It was pretty great though, I recommend going no bun on the pulled pork and the baked beans had too much meat, too little beans.


Taim roasted red pepper falafel will haunt my dreams, so delicious. 


Ramen from an unidentified ramen shop, I got greedy with two eggs and couldn't come close to finishing this.  


The Kate Spade Saturday shop is a cute little universe that I would like to inhabit. 


I was lucky to go up to New York for the Racked Awards  and we ate lunch at the very gorgeous ABC Kitchen. They can make popcorn on an ice cream sundae look elegant. Anna Wintour and Vera Wang happened to be on a lunch date here! I thought I saw Anna, but then thought better of it. Don't be such a tourist, I said to myself. But it was her.


The coveted Golden Turbans at the Racked Awards, with a very cool band. Great party!


I regret that I did not get my fortune read by Roxanne. Another day!