Prep Chef

I've volunteered twice this fall at DC Central Kitchen - it's an organization that collects donated food from restaurants, then prepares meals to be distributed to nearby shelters, transitional homes, and rehabilitation clinics.

I've really enjoyed volunteering there. The people are great, you get to work in a commercial kitchen, chopping up celery and carrots, and you get to see the finished process as meals come together. So cool, even for a novice cook like myself.

They ask you to wear a hat when you volunteer in the kitchen. The only baseball cap I own says "Maserati" on it. Ha. Perfect attire for helping the needy. I hope this display of excess isn't an affront.

Celery chopping is the best gig, in my opinion. Last Sunday, I had to strip the meat off half-cooked turkey carcasses. That was a little rugged.

My friend Serena and I worked at the turkey station, along with another volunteer. He said he'd been volunteering there since middle school. Wow! What dedication, we said.

Serena thought about it. Wait, how old are you? she asked.

"I'm in high school," he said.