Tunes Tuesday: "Real Love Baby," Father John Misty

It's definitely a sign of how disconnected I am from new music right now that I didn't know about this excellent new Father John Misty track until now. I'm a true fan girl and this song was released six months ago, for goodness sake!!! 

I should probably put up a Google Alert for him. Instead, I had to stumble across a mean-spirited passage this fall about Father John Misty in the WaPo review of Lady Gaga's Joanne while reading a PRINTED OUT NEWSPAPER, egads.

White men continue to enjoy the most security in our society, and because fraudulence doesn’t require much risk, Caucasoid fraud-bros are all around us. Among the most irritating to materialize in recent memory is Father John Misty, an obsequious indie-folk carpetbagger whose ­zany-smug lyrics about sex and cynicism help to posit him as a bit of a cad. When the New Yorker recently invited him to give a public talk in Manhattan, the singer greeted the audience by saying, “I cannot believe you guys bought tickets to this.” A fraud move for sure, but also something he might consider saying at the outset of every Father John Misty concert.
— Chris Richards, Washington Post

Listen, a Lady Gaga country album was truly something no one asked for, but leave FMJ alone. "Caucasoid fraud-bro obsequious indie-folk carpet bagger?" It's an act and he is a national treasure.

Please ignore the haters and keep making reverb-soaked, wall-of-sound, sincerely fake indie-folk love songs, Father John Misty! Just like this one. 

Father John Misty in Concert

Just posting a quick picture from the fourth row or so at Thursday's Father John Misty 9:30 Club show. I might sound like a Father John Misty superfan at this point.


I went to Brightest Young Things today to read about how awesome the show was, and instead I was left scratching my head at this review. The Post's review was less obtuse, of course, but even more withering. I just feel like they missed the point. From my vantage point (fourth row), the man puts on a show that's plenty entertaining. That includes the dance moves, laugh-out-loud banter, and vocal chops. He's charming, and that's not the case for a lot of indie acts. And I actually like the album, the writing is memorable. Maybe everyone needs to take it less seriously.

But then again, I am a super fan.

PS - No one mentioned this in the reviews, but Tillman talked about playing the 9:30 Club in front of 50 people and it looking like a performance art installation of what failure looks like. Ha! Now he is selling out shows...

My Coachella Playlist

Finally, a post about the music we heard at Coachella Week 2! We managed to see about 40 bands in three days. OK, some of those were for like 10 minutes, but still I add it to the tally. Emily did the calculations, and she says it works out to about $8 a band. Ha, a bargain! But really, nearly everyone who is touring this summer hits Coachella so it is a worthwhile investment.


This is mainly for my own edification, but here is a list of everyone we heard. In the grid, you'll see a few pictures I took from the shows.

Friday: You Me & Us, IO Echo, Lord Huron, Youth Lagoon, The Shouting Matches, Stars, Divine Fits, Of Monsters and Men, Local Natives, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Band of Horses, Jurassic 5, Tegan and Sara.

Saturday: Kids These Days, Wombats, Guards, Shovels & Ropes, Wild Nothing, Savages, 2 Chainz, Bat for Lashes, Major Lazer, Grizzly Bear, The Postal Service, The XX, Janelle Monae, Sigur Ros, Phoenix

Sunday: Smith Westerns, DIIV, Jessie Ware, Thee Oh Sees, Grimes, The Lumineers, Tame Impala, La Roux, Father John Misty, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We basically had our schedules out constantly, always on the move to the next show. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the stages were close enough together that you could check out half of one set and half of another. 


Just a few obvious observations:

  • You realize just how talented these folks are, in that they can not only write a fantastic song, but play it in the desert in front of thousands of people in 90 degree heat. That isn't easy. 
  • It was interesting to see 2 Chainz on 4/20, that's for sure.
  • Smith Westerns are soo young. They looked like they were in 8th grade, tops.
  • Karen O is a force of nature, especially when she's wearing a gaudy yellow suit.
  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers really should have a special guest or brought something surprising to the table. I guess that's the problem with week 2: we found their set list online and followed along and they played the exact same songs.
  • Lord Huron and Wild Nothing's albums will be my new chill summer soundtrack.
  • La Roux has a new album coming out!
  • Jenelle Monae, why are you not more famous? She is an electrifying performer, and she can really crowdsurf!
  • After seeing Father John Misty, we immediately bought tickets to see him again. He's going places. In fact, today's DC show sold out. I hope his stage banter is just as funny and charming as was in Coachella. He had a great riff about girls wearing floral crowns needing to have a more hippy attitude.

And I made a Spotify playlist with my favorite songs from some of the bands I saw at Coachella. I'm excited about this, I hope you check it out if you are in need of some tunes today! And click here for all of my Coachella 2013 Week 2 posts

Tunes Tuesday, "I'm Writing a Novel," Father John Misty

Big news last week: I'm headed to Coachella! After refreshing web pages and nearly giving up, my good friend Emily was able to score tickets for us for the second weekend.  I'll head to Arizona to visit her, then we will road trip to the festival. Hard to believe this is really going to happen, but I can't wait! 

Before they released the lineup, Emily mentioned that she heard Father John Misty would be there and that she really liked his album. I've had it on repeat for the past week ever since the first listen. To celebrate our upcoming trip, I'm bringing you my favorite track by far off the stellar "Fear Fun." It's a song that opens with the funniest lyrics I've heard in some time.

"I ran down the road, pants down to my knees/ Screaming, "Please come help me, that Canadian shaman gave a little too much to me!'"

And the lyrics just go on like that... It's a hallucinatory episode you can tap your toe to.