Easy Mac

I hate grocery shopping. Hate it. Will do anything to avoid it. So this week on my way to the gym, I was thrilled to see people in Gallery Place handing out free packets of this new type of Kraft macaroni and cheese. I walked slowly down the street and grabbed a bunch, as nonchalantly as possible. All the while, in my head, I was thinking "Score, dinner for the week!" No need to grocery shop for me.

But now I had a gym bag stuffed to the brim with macaroni and cheese. I wonder what the other patrons in the locker room thought as I pulled out packets of mac n cheese while trying to unearth my gym clothes. "Look at her diet, no wonder she is here."

I told my coworker about my new plan of grocery shopping on the street, living on free samples. "Then are you going to do your laundry in the river?" he said.

Yes. I am living off the land.