Tunes Tuesday: "You & I (Forever)" by Jessie Ware + A Special Message

It's been so long since I've written here. I couldn't even remember my password on the first try. And then I did and Squarespace looked completely different, I could barely figure out how to post anything. But here I am! I've missed writing on Gosh Gee Golly (but I have been doing quite a lot of writing here and here). 

Joe had the brilliant idea that I write a post to announce our engagement! That's a good reason to bring the blog back, right? 

It happened last week on a little hike at the National Arboretum. If you were there that weekend, and saw a couple sitting on a bench drinking Clicquot out of orange champagne flutes with tears streaming down the girl's face, that was us. Also, our dog was there, so she was a witness.  

And since it's Tuesday, Tunes Tuesday, I'm picking this beautiful Jessie Ware song that I have on repeat: "I only wanna team with you/ We could dream it all/ Don't wanna stop the thought/ With you and I forever."