Tunes Tuesday, "Joy to You Baby," Josh Ritter

When an unexpected trip came up, my friend Jason was nice enough to give me his tickets to Josh Ritter's sold-out show on Friday. And that's how I ended up seeing Josh Ritter in concert for the third time. I love his songwriting so, so much and you can tell he loves performing. He is the smile-est dude ever. I wondered though, since he just put out a "divorce" record, would he still be as smiley?

The answer is yes! Joe said he looked like the Joker, haha, and I did imagine his face cracking from smiling so much. I think he can't help smiling. Even the man's divorce record has a veneer of niceness, as seen in this track off "The Beast in its Tracks." And his shows are so much fun, how could you not smile? That's what selling out two nights in a row will do.