Hair Bow, in the Style of Lady Gaga

Supposedly, if you mention the words "Lady Gaga," your internet traffic will skyrocket. Let's try it.

I do have a reason to do this - it's not completely gratuitous. My amazing college friends and I met up for Gaga's show in Charlottesville. I know, far afield from D.C., but those Verizon tickets sold out in a snap. I was able to get six tickets together at the UVA arena, so off we went.

Part of the fun of the concert is dressing up, and there are so many Lady Gaga incarnations to choose from. Check out what my crafty friend Tori made:

How cute is she? Just a little fake hair, some styrofoam, and voila! Don't ask me how she got it to stay firmly secured to the side of her head.

Sadly, they didn't allow dogs at the Monster Ball, no matter how fabulous their extensions. Tori's puppy Isabel had to stay home.

Quoted Vol. 4 - The Wit and Wisdom of Lady Gaga

From the song "Boys Boy Boys":"Love it when you call me legsIn the morning buy me eggs"No, let's post a good one instead:

"I’ve always been famous, it is just that nobody knew." - Lady Gaga.

I'm thinking about being Lady Gaga for Halloween, hopefully people will still remember her by then. It's cool that a female pop star this eccentric is so popular in the mainstream. Can't believe the Powers That Be let this happen....

But beyond the fact that she never wears pants, her album is pretty darn fun. My friend says it is good workout motivation. I can't speak to that, but I will testify that it is an excellent "typing on a keyboard" motivator or "waiting for a bus" motivator.