DJ Night Outfit: Honky Tonk Night at Marx Cafe, August 14

Have you been to Marx Cafe in Mount Pleasant?  They've been doing interesting DJ nights for ages.  Way back in 2006 when I was an intern at DC Style magazine, I wrote an article about a monthly reggae night at Marx Cafe.  To be honest, venturing up to Mount Pleasant was a little scary for a sheltered Fairfax kid like me - I thought this was an adventure.  Now flash forward to 2012 and I live around the corner from Marx Cafe.  And this sign in their window intrigued me.


First of all, the $5 (+.50 rounded up for inflation) beer and whiskey shot is a deal.  Fits the Outlaws theme.   And honky tonk sounds like a good time.  So here's my new feature idea: I'll pick cute outfits to wear to various DJ nights around town.  And since Isabel Marant says that Western shirts are cool, we gotta wear a Western shirt to honky tonk night!  Not cowboy boots, I just can't go there. These little heeled booties keep it sharp.  So what do you think?  A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll with the skinny jeans, I hope. 

Honky Tonk Night at Marx Cafe

Sam edelman booties