Roy Lichtenstein Nail Art

When I went to visit my friend Lani in Chicago this past fall, she asked me if I wanted to get a CND Shellac manicure from her favorite nail artist, AstroWifey. I'd seen Lani's amazing AstroWifey-designed nails in photos before, so I jumped at the chance to try it out for myself. We made a day of our manicure sessions (literally, it took four hours for both of us to get our nails did). AstroWifey had an iPad with hundreds of designs to choose from, but I already knew what I wanted before I set foot in the door. In honor of this fall's National Gallery of Art's Roy Lichtenstein retrospective, I wanted to get a Lichtenstein-esque pop art manicure.

That's all I told AstroWifey, and this is what she came up with:


Isn't this mind blowing? She painted all of by hand! Talk about painstaking work, and some serious talent. Look at the thumbs! That face!  My middle fingers said "Whaam" and "Boom," in case you can't tell.

This manicure is downright amazing. I will admit I was nervous when she started by painting every nail a different color. But the result was cooler than I could ever imagine. She used regular craft paint on top of the nail polish for the designs, using a teeny tiny brush. 

So when I got home to Washington, I had to take my Lichtenstein nails to the exhibit for a comparison.


Pretty spot on, huh? Did you get to visit the exhibit? I've always loved Roy Lichtenstein's work for its boldness and humor, but I didn't realize how many genres of art he tackled with his trademark style — everything from sculpture to landscapes in Chinese style.

As you could've guessed I spent about two weeks staring at my nails. And everyone around me noticed too. Maybe because I couldn't shut up about them. This was my first time getting a Shellac manicure. It held up really well, except for some reason after about a week and a half, one entire nail peeled off without me realizing it. Nooo! Perhaps because there were so many layers of paint. I liked Shellac a lot, overall. While I had the manicure, I used CND Solar Cuticle oil everyday and my nails felt so healthy by the end of two weeks.

Anyway, I can't wait to visit AstroWifey again next time I'm in Chicago with two spare hours. Is there anyone in D.C. who can paint nails like this? If so, drop me a line in the comments, I'm dying to know! And PS: Who What Wear Beauty linked to some gorgeous Vogue pop-art inspired manicures here.

Sparkle-Icious, Continued

I wasn't sure if this week's Nail Polish Challenge could be done. I looked all week for a Christmas ornament or something that would match, but nothing was quite tacky enough.

My friend Emily, however, rose to the occasion - she found a sparkly Steve Madden heel that matched my Sparkle-icious polish exactly!!

The one minor detail is that the shoes and my nail polish were never in the same room together. No matter.



I've been obsessed with my nail polish this week. So sparkly. It's called "Sparkle-icious." I kid you not. Inspired by the movie "Burlesque." Again, I kid you not.

Those tweens know what's up - glitter nailpolish stays on forever. My manicurist didn't have the best command of English, but she looked at my nails when she finished and declared, "Now you are ready for the club. Put your hands up! Put your hands up!" (with appropriate hand gestures).

Again, not kidding.

I'm going to try to find something in the environment that it matches, to go with my Nail Polish Challenge. It has been difficult thus far. My friend Lani had an easier time with her pretty taupe manicure!