The poll from this week totally cracked me up - thank you so much for voting, I was amazed with the turnout! But something screwy is happening with the votes. We had 40+ at one point, and now it's showing 19. I smell a conspiracy! Count the chads!

ETA: Now it's back to 40... Paper ballots next time, I say.

Anyway, the percentage has remained about the same throughout, with 90% pro-couch. I think this whole thing has made Joe even more stubborn about never buying a couch. To that I say:

"The people have spoken."

My friend Kate said that perhaps a couch will be donated to him at the end of all this. It will just appear outside his door. Who knows? We'll see what happens. I will keep you informed.

And why is my most compelling writing about couches?

Hope everyone made it through the DC snowstorm this week. I wore stupid dumb ballerina flats that day and walked 1.5 miles in the snow, whimpering softly as I trudged along. But that's nothing compared to people who were stuck in their cars for 8 hours, or even my dad, who had to spend the night at his office with 15 other stranded employees.

Here's to spring making an appearance soon!