A Birthday with Cornelius

Look what my friend Serena got me for my birthday this year.

I thought nothing could top last year's gift.

An eggplant with an old man face. Noticing a theme?

Serena and I are both so easily amused, I love it! All it takes is a vegetable with a smiley face to make me laugh. Serena made the smile with the wax from Baby Bel cheese, in case you were wondering. I considered taking Cornelius with me to U Street Music Hall, but decided against it.

That evening, I went to catch a cab, but Cornelius wouldn't fit in my purse, so I was waving the ear of corn around as I was trying to hail a taxi. I got one, climbed in and the cabdriver said (and I quote), "Now here is a girl carrying something unusual."

Ain't that the truth! Cornelius came to a tragic end though.