Cherry Blossom Cocktails in D.C.

We're supposedly heading into peak cherry blossom blossoming. Or has it already happened? Seems like an inexact science.  Let's leave that to the tourists to decide. Earlier in the month,  I wrote a post for R29 with a few delicious cherry blossom-themed cocktails around Washington. I like the idea that the cherry blossoms, as gorgeous as they may be, are pretty much the same every year, but you can find so much variety and creativity with all of the different cherry-themed drinks and dishes for the festival.


Here's the Angelina, made with Don Ciccio & Figli fennel liquor, cherry shrub and cognac from Room 11 in Columbia Heights. I adore Room 11 — cozy space, interesting cocktails, good people! We celebrated Christine's birthday there last week and had a great time. We asked the bartender if he could make a special birthday cocktail for Christine. Turns out the last time someone asked this, he ended up in the City Paper's Cocktail Guess column. Sort of funny. Maybe it's not a common request?