Google Analytics

I got the ol' Google Analytics working, finally, and it has been so fun to check the stats. The numbers are small but what I really enjoy is seeing the keywords that people type in Google to find this site. Ha! I just look at the string of queries -- example: "conversation starters" -- and then feel bad because people might've clicked on this site expecting useful information and I know they aren't going to find it.

I told my friend Andy about Google Analytics and he said, "What, are the keywords 'Goofy White Girl Who Likes Shoes?'"

That is a dead-on summation of this blog. I need to figure out to make that phrase drive people to this site.

So, with that in mind, here are my newest shoes. Cheap UO numbers that I think you could probably get for cheaper in an Asian grocery store. I wore them with my cartoon Harajuku Lovers purse, cut-off shorts and a graphic t-shirt - and promptly got carded. Figures.

And here are my favorite Google Analytics Keywords thus far:

"7 Eleven Tiffany"

"Craigslist Virginia Slims"

"Dumb and Dumber Remote Control Van"

"Gladiator Gosh"

"Smiley Straining Spoon"

"Some Pretty Shoes" [Editor's Note - That we have]

"The Song Bobby Justin"

And my absolute favorite:

"Laryngitis Voiceless Wife"