Homemade Pizza Company

There is a Homemade Pizza Company now in Glover Park - yesterday was the grand opening party, and of course I went and stood in line for 40 minutes (give or take) to get my free pizza.

You see, I'm obsessed with this stuff. As my friend Christine said, I've never met a pizza I didn't like, but Homemade Pizza Co. is especially fun. You buy the unbaked pizza and then make it yourself in your oven at home and they have highbrow combinations of fresh ingredients to choose from.

Total yuppie pizza.

A few weeks ago, I was walking down 14th Street carrying a fancy pizza in a clear plastic bag in one hand and a mustard yellow purse with birds on it in the other. (Put a bird on it!)

The only way I could get yuppie-r is if I had a yoga mat slung over my shoulder.

But I digress. Let's talk Glover Park Pizza Party.

The fanfare.

The line.

The fruits of my labor.

I finally reached the front of the line and was next to go inside the storefront to place my order. I was busily tweeting this important factoid, when I heard multiple voices yelling, "Hey lady, it's your turn!"

I told Joe this, and he said, that was pretty yuppie. Tweeting on my iPhone about yuppy pizza, followed by blogging about said pizza.

Anyway I finally picked up my wild mushroom pizza and left the store with an air of triumph. Free pizza! Free pizza! Only to immediately step in a pile of dog poop on the sidewalk.

Seinfeld was right, the universe does have a way of evening itself out.