Signs That You Are Addicted To "The Wire"

I'm thinking that Netflix makes it OK to geek out about shows that are years old.  Everyone else has moved on, and this is old news to all you 1%-ers with HBO (haha, kidding), but I'm now realizing that "The Wire" IS one of the best television shows ever.  It's true.  Slate, Entertainment Weekly, my former coworker Kyle, etc. always told me that, but now that I've actually watched it, I'm become one of the disciples as well.  I can't stop talking about it.  "Masterful" is a strong word, but heck, it applies.  You care so much about the characters and the storylines are woven together so well.

Anytime I meet someone who is from or lives in Baltimore, I always ask them about the show.  That must be annoying, but I can't help myself.  I talked to a guy from Baltimore at a party who said that he saw Proposition Joe riding the bus.  That was an enthralling piece of news, for some reason.

I don't know if this is the healthiest addiction though, especially since I check the crime stats too often as it is for my occasionally dodgy D.C. neighborhood.  "The Wire" is starting to affect my world view.  Last week, I told my coworker I needed to send him a 9 millimeter file.  I meant a 9 megabyte file. Whoops!  Then I went to watch "The Ides of the March," and the whole time I thought, "He's going to get killed, he knows way too much!"

Joe and I just finished watching season four, and I'm hoping against hope that season five has more happy endings.  I want it to be more like a TV show, but alas, it's more like life.  I keep thinking, how can the good guys possibly win?  They have to follow a moral/legal code, while the bad guys have the power to do anything they want, by any means necessary.  That's my black and white thought for a show that is all gray areas.

So what show should I watch after I finish this one (sob)?  I don't have a TV, I'm relying only on Netflix, so please steer me to something good!