Tunes Tuesday, "New Beat," Toro y Moi

I love Spotify but I don't understand what's going on with it sometimes. I managed to disable the Facebook feature that adds every song you listen to the newsfeed — at least I think, and hope and pray. I don't want all my Facebook friends to know that I routinely listen to the same song 10 times in a row. And that sometimes it is a Taylor Swift song.

But beyond that, I haven't investigated the social media settings aside from occasionally checking my inbox. And this week, I clicked on this song, sent via my friend Serena's hip kid sister. I don't know how I came in possession of this, but here it is:

Toro y Moi just put out a new album, but after hearing this song, I was curious enough to download 2011's "Underneath the Pine" and I'm stuck with this one for now. I think "New Beat" should immediately be your new theme song. It has a confident strut, like the dude who knows he's the hottest person in the room. Don't you think?