IRS Romance

I just sent my accountant my 2012 tax questionnaire with all my paperwork, and towards the end of the questionnaire, there were questions about 2013 so he'd know what to plan for the future. One of the questions read:

"Do you anticipate a change in marital status in 2013?" And there was space to check yes or no.

But in between "yes" and "no," I wrote: "Possibly."

I wonder what the accountant will think of this. Maybe he'll have a laugh.

I told Joe about this, and he said. "Did you write: it better?"

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Dinner, 2012

Norman Rockwell meets 2012. Don't worry, this picture is staged. We did talk to each other, instead of staring at our respective smartphones at the dinner table. When you see your parents semi-successfully navigating Android phones, doesn't it make you feel like we are truly in a brave new world?

As for the dinner itself, my brother smoked the turkey outside on the grill, while my mom labored over the sides. In accordance with tradition, I made a mess hall's worth of mashed potatoes. Mostly for myself. It's my favorite food after all.

Other than that, I didn't do too much work. I showed Joe my room at my parents' house, untouched since my teen years. Which means the creepy White Stripes poster is still on the wall and there are stuffed animals everywhere. "Look, I'll show you all the stuffed animals I treasured as a child," I said to Joe, gesturing at an entire bookcase of teddy bears and Beanie Babies.

"Please no," he said, with true fear in his eyes. Then he relented. "Maybe just the most important one or two."

"Well, they all have a long and complicated backstory," I said.

Hope everyone had a delicious dinner and a restful holiday weekend! And I hope your turkey was as gorgeous as this bird!

Kate Getting Married

Photos courtesy of Lauren C.!

Last Friday, my friend and wonderful college roommate Kate married the love of her life, Dan, in such a beautiful setting. Who knew that the ruins of a 18th century gristmill in Powatan, Virginia would go on to have such a robust life as a wedding venue?  I heart the string lights over the ruins. They are so beautiful and a really nice touch.

Our friend Tori gave us a quick synopsis of the history of the site as we walked to the ceremony. She said it was owned by a relative of Thomas Jefferson and we joked it was his brother Jeffrey "Jeff" Jefferson.

Anyway, Kate and Dan were so happy, the food was awesome, and the DJ did a great job —and may the record note that that he played "Gangnam Style not once, but twice!

Upstate New York Lakehouse

I submit that there's nothing that can make you feel like more of a jerk than forgetting your mother's birthday. I actually forgot it twice too. I realized I forgot a day after the fact, but then once again forgot when I saw her in real life and prattled on until she brought it up. I remembered Julia Child's birthday for goodness sake's, and she's long dead, but forgot my own mother's birthday.

Apparently, the only one who remembered was Rain the dog, and my brother. That came out of left field. Go Danny. My dad forgot too.  At the end of the day, he reached into the cabinet to get the dog a treat, and my mom said, "Do you know what day this is?" Dad froze, hand outstretched into the Pup-Peroni container. The gears in his brain turned. He knew he had done something wrong, but what?

So we all screwed up except Dan. Hopefully a family togetherness trip to our lake cabin in upstate New York made up for it.  Joe drove six hours to visit too, that was so sweet of him.


This is one of my favorite places in the world.  It's very modest, but so peaceful.  There's nothing to do here except watch my cousin's children and the next door neighbor girls play with our puppy.


I read a few books, watched a documentary about Finnish sauna culture (few channels here), and went swimming too. I'm brave about lake swimming, but there was a humongous spider on the dock, and of course, she lived right on the ladder to get into the water. I chose to jump off the possibly broken diving board instead. Warning, crazy big dock spider pictured below, I'll hide it behind the jump for sensitive souls.