Tunes Tuesday, "You've Got Friends (Valentine's Day Mix Tape)," DJ Lani Love & Major Taylor

Yesterday, R29 ran a Best-of Valentine's Day guide I wrote that featured fun things to do this week for everyone, not just people who are coupled-up. Writing that got me genuinely excited about the holiday, which I haven't always been. Now I'm all about heart-shaped everything (as seen in my Eater DC article today).

Unfortunately, I think Valentine's Day can often be about comparing yourself to others, whether it's not being in a relationship and wanting to be in one, or stacking your relationship and V-Day gifts against other people's experiences. But why not have a day to celebrate love? This is sappy, yes, but I like the idea of appreciating what you have and the good friends who love you.

My Chicago friend DJ Lani Love's Valentine's Day mix celebrates not romantic love but friendship in all its forms. Fittingly, she collaborated with her friend, Major Taylor, to create this ode to friends who always have each other's back. I love the selections from LCD Soundsytem, Justice vs. Simian, White Stripes and Friends (the band). And I never remembered the "My Buddy" jingle being so operatic. Happy early Valentine's Day, and to quote Golden Girls, thank you for being a friend.