Homemade Granola

The sentiment in Wednesday's post applies to my cooking too... Whenever I try to make food for my book club, I find a way to eff it up. Either not cooking things enough, or in this case, way too much. I had a cute idea to make homemade granola and do a granola bar, with fruit toppings, soy milk, organic milk, and Greek yogurt for each girl to doctor their granola as they saw fit.

I tried to make Joy the Baker's Cocoa Almond Granola, and the problem was that I followed the recipe to the letter, even though it was on its way to being burnt well before the 30 minutes mark. Yet I kept baking it. I know it has cocoa powder, but it shouldn't have turned out looking like dark chocolate.


Determination set in. I whipped another batch that evening, and it was terrific. Sure, my guests wouldn't get to eat it, but I felt vindicated. I refuse to let granola defeat me. My friend is taking nutrition courses and she said the founder of her school said it's ok to burn a recipe the first time you make it. That made me feel better too.

ETA: I used almond slivers and toasted the granola for 15 minutes at 300 degrees, stirring twice.