Chicago Summer Birthday Tour!

I made an epic photo collage of my summer vacation! My friends are just so darn photogenic, it had to be done. I will include annotations/explanations at the end of all your scrolling.

Chicago Trip 2013_goshgeegolly.jpg

1. Debie and I flew to Chicago for a girls' weekend with Lani so we could properly celebrate Debie's birthday! This involved an appropriate amount of sweets. Now I want the Hoosier Mama pie book so badly, the passionfruit meringue pie was out of this world.

2. Hanging out with DJ Lani Love means lots of comped champagne, I found out. She's just that cool. And also many people recognize her solely based on her asymmetrical haircut.

3. I crashed while riding Chicago's bikeshare. Totally wiped out after skidding out on sand (which I hadn't encountered on D.C.'s bikeshare). So ironic because I was trying to help newbie bike rider Debie and then I was the one who crashed. Ha. I just jumped off though, no injuries. 

4. I haven't been to a proper "club" in a while, and it cracked me up to see all the people crowded outside Underground when we got out. They looked so needy, pressed up against the fence. And the line was at least a hundred people deep! And everyone in line was beautiful. I told Joe, "It was like a zoo for beautiful people." So funny.

 5. We were lucky enough to go to a fab Neiman Marcus "Wake Up Your Makeup" event, which involved getting a swag bag with soo many samples (there we are evaluating the loot). I also won something, which never happens. They called my name, "Adele Chopin," and I continued surfing the Internet until Debie and Lani said, "Adele, that's you!" Also, unfortunately, the lady at the airport called me "Mr" — that's a first with the new haircut — so my new alias is Mr. Chopin. I won a three-step Clinque system. I am digging it so far! The Dramatically Different lotion is really nice. I had to check my bag because of my prize, which is why I had to deal with that lady at the airport at all.

We also got Tom Ford makeup and I got sold. The makeup artist and I talked relationships and she gave me strong brows. "I got the eyebrow pencil," I told Lani and Debie. "...And the eye pencil."  [Long pause] "And a lip gloss."

Don't worry, I wasn't wearing all this makeup when I got mistaken for a dude. Also, in case you are wondering, the event involved models showing off the latest makeup, except for one model who had to wear a scary face mask (as pictured). I bet that was a disappointment for her. It was terrifying. 

Hope you had a fab birthday, Debie! Thanks so much for hosting us, Lani, I had a blast! And thanks for taking these photos, a few of which I swiped for this post.