To Xfinity and Beyond

Two years ago, Joe got really into Mr. Money Mustache. I rue the day he found that blog. Mr. Money Mustache advocates an intense cheapskate sensibility that was diametrically opposed to my profession at the time (running a fashion/shopping blog called Racked DC). 

Mr. Money Mustache writes posts with names like “Luxury is Just Another Weakness” and he would surely scoff at $30 fitness classes. He retains special disdain, however, for anyone who subscribes to cable. Enjoy your 100+ channels now, he would say, because you are destined to die a pauper.

So Joe somehow ended up talking me into cutting cable, even though it was only $20 more a month than our stupid internet service. I've been making that argument to him for the past two years and he must've finally got sick of me saying it, because we just got cable back! Ironically, I'm balling out with cable after I got laid off. 

For some reason, I'm OBSESSED with Morning Joe. I can't even tell you why. I love Mika and I felt so informed while watching it. I thought I needed Morning Joe now that we are in the Trump era, shudder, but the jury is still out on this one. 

Anyway, we have this fancy voice-controlled Xfinity remote now. The cable guy told me all about it when he was setting it up, but in the back of my head, I thought the remote was extravagant and I would just use the guide like old times. This voice control thing works really, really well though.

Maybe the best part about our new cable is listening to Joe talk into the remote, saying the names of the ridiculous shows he loves in a very slow, deliberate manner. It sounds a bit like this:

"White. Collar. Brawlers"



I'm not any better though. "America's. Next. Top. Model." 

"Real Housewives. Beverly. Hills."