Tunes Tuesday: "Sea of Clouds," Deer Tick

Hello! I need to tell you about something that has greatly improved my quality of life. It's a radio station! WTMD.ORG!!!! 

For the past year, I've been watching MSNBC maybe six hours a day as background while I work. I have my favorite anchors and I started to think of Stephanie Ruhle as my co-worker (she's not.) I'm just marinating in a constant stew of Trump insanity and outrage.

When I wasn't working or reading/watching about the dissolution of our republic, I would keep refreshing reddit's Personal Finance thread. I dunno, I just got really into it. Hours of Trump talk x alarmist savings advice is not a recipe for wellness. 

Enter WTMD, a Towson-based radio station. Listen to this free stream and you're going to know exactly what's going on in indie music (particularly in Baltimore). There's an app too! I'm the biggest cheerleader for them. I know you're going to say but what about Spotify or Pandora but no, I need the human touch. It's the best substitute for my dearly departed WOXY from college. 

Here's my recent fav from WTMD, a newer Deer Tick tune. It's melancholy enough for these times, but that melody is just so pretty with the cascading choir of voices. You know the way a song you love makes you feel when the opening bars start? You can feel it in your bones almost. I've been missing that, the way music can transcend everything. I want to share the songs I keep hitting repeat on, so check back on Tuesdays!