How Jersey Shore Relates to My Wellness Plan

This is going to be a controversial opinion (if you couldn't have guessed based on that title alone). When I heard that there was a Jersey Shore reboot, I thought the same thing I did about the Rosanne reboot. Namely: who asked for this? 

Secondly: Can Jersey Shore can exist in the era of "Me Too"? I'm pretty sure I watched all the seasons as an MTV addict in college and even as a proto-feminist, I vaguely remember cringing back then at a lot of the hookups in terms of the guys' views toward women.

Bad timing for this reboot perhaps, but the #MeToo saving grace/overall Achilles' heel for the producers has to be that most of these people are in relationships and not trolling for randos.

Except Ron Ron (spoilers ahead). Joe had the show on in the background and I was idly watching it and found myself laughing way more than is respectable. These people do have a demented charm to them! And perhaps the thing that holds it all together is that they do seem to have affection for one another.

So here's my big Jersey Shore epiphany: In Episode 5 (I believe), Ronnie realizes that he's made a horrible mistake by getting too friendly with a girl in a club — while he has a pregnant girlfriend at home. Just when you think he's having a rare moment of self-reflection, he says something like "Well, I already screwed this up so I might as well enjoy my time here in Miami." When The Situation thinks you're making poor decisions, you know it's bad.

But anyway, that's the attitude I have ALL THE TIME with my eating habits. I will have a healthy breakfast, than stand in front of the fridge at 11 a.m., having eaten many handfuls of shredded cheese right out of the bag. "Well, that's it for today," I think to myself. "Might as well get a Chipotle burrito for lunch and then frozen pizza for dinner. Better luck tomorrow." 

Or I will know I have to go to a dinner on a Thursday and then I'll plan to start my "healthy eating regime" the next week because this week is clearly ruined and go absolutely HAM with big plans for the following Monday. But then every week just goes on like that. 

This is totally Ron Ron-on-a-bender-in-Miami thinking!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Even his cast mates are like "No, that's a terrible idea, don't blow up your life." I'm going to extrapolate this to trying to make better choices with my health every moment of the day, regardless of previous slip ups. Anyway, this has been your Jersey Shore wellness intention of the day. Tell me if you do the same thing or it's just me!