Could Just Wear an Eye-Patch

I have this problem with my left eye called iritis, which sounds like something made up. As in, "Why didn't I show up for work yesterday? Uh, I had a bad case of....eye-ritis. Yes, that will do."

It's kind of like a combination of how it feels when you get sunscreen in your eye and how it feels when there's an eyelash stuck in your eye. Pretty miserable. And it's especially bad whenever you look at bright light. And what do most modern workers do for 8 hours a day? Stare at a bright, glowing box. Thursday morning at work I turned all the lights off in the vicinity and adjusted the monitor down to nothing, but it still didn't help.

Stupid modernity! If only I was born at the turn-of-the-century and worked in a coal mine or a sweatshop, I wouldn't have this problem. I'd have other more significant problems, sure, but not this particular one.