Hating on Flyover Country

I have family in upstate New York and I feel it is such an overlooked part of the U.S. I only go there in the summer when the weather is nice, mind you, but it's just lovely there. Everyone buys corn from roadside stands, the major holiday in the town where my family lives is "Hot Dog Day" - all very quaint. So I'm always interested to hear about upstate NY in the mass media, and I saw that one of the documentary films in this year's SILVERDOCS festival is about a family living there. Here's the Washington Post article about the film:

"This haunting documentary situates its audiences in the lives of a working-class family in rural Upstate New York. Four generations grapple with a host of America's most entrenched social ills: joblessness, abusive relationships, teen pregnancy, post-traumatic stress disorder and child molestation. Seeping through each gorgeously shot scene is a painful sense of listlessness. The lack of hope within the family is juxtaposed with the natural beauty caught by the filmmakers' cameras."

That doesn't exactly make you want to get in a car and visit, does it? The painful listlessness of Hot Dog Day...