Look Elsewhere for Directions of Any Sort

I'm going to stop giving out advice about the Metro system because more often than not I don't know what I'm talking about. "Are you going to the Metro station?" I say to the tourists on the bus. "Get off at this stop!" Then they follow me as we trudge 4 blocks to the metro in 100 percent humidity, only to watch as the bus we were just riding pulls ahead of us and stops neatly in front of the station escalators.

ven Metro itself is conspiring against my helpfulness. Take the Nextbus system, which I was excited to try out with my new iPhone (I love that it takes a $200+ gizmo to effectively use public transportation.) I dutifully typed in the bus stop number. Four minutes, the website said. Terrific! Five, six, seven minutes go by and no bus goes by. Consult the website again and now it says the next bus will come in 40 minutes. I start making a huge scene and advise the girls waiting at the stop that the bus won't be here till eternity & a day. We all left to find alternate transport, but then I saw a bus turn around the bend. I got on it, they didn't.More terrible, faulty advice!