Donut Day Debacle

I joined the Donut Club at my work. Membership is very exclusive, there is a hazing process that I won't go into here (kidding).

This Friday was my first day to bring in the donuts. "Let's do this thing right," I thought, so I went to Dunkin' Donuts and bought a metric ton of donuts.I was feeling good, till I stumbled over a coworker in the kitchen carrying a giant Krispy Kreme bag - horrors! Turns out it wasn't my donut day at all. Total donut miscommunication. So now we had approximately 72 donuts - donut boxes everywhere - which is just overkill by any means. The only appropriate response to the breakfast pastry avalanche was "whoa."

Every time I went in the kitchen I was confronted with the shame of messing up Donut Day. There were conferences about why I had gotten the date wrong and how I could improve in the future. I want out of the Donut Club - the pressure, good God, the pressure!