The Door in the Floor

This weekend I discovered that my apartment has a basement. I've lived here for one year and had yet to realize that. My roommate didn't know either, and she's lived here for three years. It wasn't really Columbus discovering America, more of "Hey, I wonder where those stairs go..."Anyway, it's quite creepy in said basement but I think I will store my bike down there. Although the stairway is narrow and it's hard to wrestle the bike down the stairs. I always end up with tire tracks all over my legs. I think it's more of a workout carrying the stupid bike than actually riding it. That whole bike-riding part of bike ownership, I'm not sure about. I took it out of my neighborhood for the first time this weekend and I know everyone around me thought, "This chick is completely clueless." I had trouble using the U-lock. I was going up a hill and it was too hard, so I just bailed out in the middle of the street - I abandoned the bike and jumped off.Buying accessories for the bike - now that I am really good at.