My Scarf Needs a Haircut

So remember the gigantic scarf I made? The one made out of genuine alpaca wool?

Teeny tiny problem with it - the darn thing sheds so much it looks like I own an alpaca. All of my clothes are covered with a fine layer of oatmeal-colored fuzz. I went shopping while wearing it and every item of clothes I touched in the store was instantly fuzzed. I just brought it on my trip to crash on my friends' couch in NYC and I suspect that they will still be picking little pieces of wool out of their belongings till spring time.

Realized there might be a problem with said scarf the second time I wore it. I was wearing a skirt and a pair of black tights and as I got off the bus, I noticed that to my horror, the scarf had shed blondish fuzz all over the insides of my legs, from the hem of the skirt to my knees. It looked downright obscene.

Things just got worse wearing the scarf on another occasion. I was talking to my friend, going on and on about some such thing. When I had finished my soliloquy, she looked at me and said simply, "You have a piece of fuzz on your crotch." Sure enough, I did! A giant fuzzball from the scarf was stuck to my jeans.

So embarrassing, jeez! Who would've thought scarfs would be so risque.