Taking You Back to the '50s

My mom wants to replace the windows in our house and she told me that the salesperson she was talking to kept asking her to schedule an appointment with my dad instead of her. This doesn't make sense because 1.) My mom is the one who wants the windows replaced, 2.) My dad works a million hours and doesn't have time for window consultations, 3.) My dad doesn't care at all about this particular issue.

So my mom told the salesperson that my dad isn't available so why doesn't he just speak with her. "Well, it's my business model to deal with the husband," he said.

That is some straight 1950s stuff right there! Can not believe this still happens in 2010. My mom said, "I don't think your business model works for our family. Please don't call me back," and hung up.

Money is money, right? Whether it's a man or a woman spending it.