Is Priceline Better?

I spent at least 6 hours of this past week on the phone with a certain travel agency - I don't want to name names, but oh what the heck it was Travelocity. My flight got canceled and rescheduled to a time that didn't work for me, and I practically had to move heaven and earth to change it. I was on hold for more than an hour at one point - and the "you are on hold" song consisted of about 4 notes. It is burned permanently into my brain.

Being on hold wasn't terrible though, I just put the phone on speaker. I walked down the street, went to a friend's house, went out to eat, all with that darn song playing from my cell phone. It was like my theme music. Or like carrying around a boom box on your shoulder, my friend Lauren joked. Just on a smaller scale.

But yesterday, a breakthrough - the stars aligned and a manager fixed everything for me (supposedly). Is all forgiven? Nah. I'm going to post my rant of a customer satisfaction survey I wrote on Wednesday because I think it is the best bit of writing I've done recently:

No one at the call center even pretended to care about my problem - or perhaps they did pretend, but their acting was terrible. I have had to call 5 times and still no one at Travelocity has contacted my airline to change my flight.

[Boring details and whining here... Let's go to the big ending!]

Hiring people in India might be cheaper for you, but not if you upset customers.