Little Lights 31x31

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that Little Lights, the Christian organization for children in Southeast DC that I volunteer with, is currently running a campaign to raise money for a program that recently lost its funding. They are trying to raise $31,000 by May 31 so that they can hire 12 teen interns to tutor younger children. It's really a win-win because the teens can help out and be positive role models, and they can also add this to their resume. You can read more about it here.

Yeah, I know, strange that this blog is trying to do some good in the world instead of just adding to the mindless chatter per usual. I do think this is a great organization - the kids actually line up outside the door before the program I volunteer with on Saturday even starts, that's how much they like it there. Little Lights is about $10k away from their goal, so let's help out if you feel moved to do so.