Why'd You Take a Picture of That? NYC Edition

New York is a beautiful city. That will not be evident from the vacation photos I am posting below. Here are the things I chose to take a picture of during my latest trip to NYC:

Extremely crowded subway car, and here's a woman carrying a poodle like a sack of potatoes. The poodle seemed resigned to its lot in life.

Checked out the selection at Economy Candy.

I didn't even think they made candy cigarettes anymore! Political correctness has no place at Economy Candy.

And finally, snapped this photo out the window of the bus as we waited to head back to D.C. Just thought it was funny that this guy is standing the same way the girls in the drawing are standing.

OK, I didn't say it was hilarious, I just said it was funny.

Sorry to post your photo on the Internet, dude loitering outside porn shop. Hope this black bar across your face helps.

ETA: When I got home, I called my mom and offhandedly told her I wanted to move to New York. Here is a loose transcript of our dialogue.

Mom: What? It's expensive and hard to find a job there. And what will you do with all your stuff? Your orange couch?

Me: I guess I'll take it with me.

Mom: And what about when you get laid off in New York?

Me: Hmm... I can always move back home. Can I?

Mom: What about the couch?

Me: I'll put it in storage.