The Long Arm of the Law

When I moved to the city, I gave my car to my dad. He has primary custody of the Civic now, but I borrow it back on occasion. I hadn't driven in about 3 months, and my first afternoon with the car, I got pulled over in my neighborhood for an illegal turn. I was so clueless - at first I thought the police officer was waving at me, but that wasn't the case.

I sat parked on the side of the street for about 10 minutes, pondering my stupidity while the officer ran my license or whatever it is they do to make you wait. He walked back to the car and asked me why I made that turn during rush hour. I told him I don't usually drive and that I was borrowing my dad's car. Here is the rest of our conversation:

Police Officer: Why don't you have a car?

Me: Because of incidents like this.

Well, he laughed. And I got away with a warning!

What are the chances that the police officer would have the same sense of humor as me? Unbelievable. Thanks, Officer, you are the coolest cop ever!