Today, I am leaving on vacation. Where, you ask? Peru.Every time I tell someone something like, "Oh, I'd love to attend your event next week, but I'll be in Peru then," I crack up because it is so ridiculous. How very far away!

I told one of my coworkers I was going on vacation. He asked where and I said Peru. "Daaaaaaamn," he said. That is really the only correct response. (I don't work with "Martin," although it might sound that way.)

My friends and I picked this vacation spot because we got a crazy-go-nuts cheap price on airfare. It only cost me $250 to fly roundtrip from NYC. You can barely get to CA for that price. We'll see how it all goes, I can not wait. See you in a week or so, and stop by in the meantime because I have a couple entries on autopost scheduled. Audios!