Like a Neon Flag to a Bull

I was asked for happy hour recommendations for downtown and I immediately thought of an answer - Ceiba. It's not because I like the drinks and food, though that is excellent. It's because I am utterly taken with the plastic neon bulls that come with each cocktail.

You already saw the ones I had on my desk at work.

They needed to have more friends so I begged everyone at my table to please give me their bulls.

I even got the rarest species, the blue one. Possibly endangered.

Look at them ganging up on the poor blue one.

Three margaritas later, I dumped the lot of them in my purse.

And there they stayed for awhile.

But I kept finding strays everywhere.

Here's one on the steps outside my apartment. I was like Hansel and Gretel, leaving a trail of neon plastic bulls in my wake.

Finally they made it to my desk.

Although I have quite the collection of cocktail toppers, I want to make it clear to you, coworkers, I do not a drinking problem.

I will admit that they might be a distraction during boring conference calls.