Who Wears a Cape? Pt. 2

I bought a cape. It is making its way across the Atlantic now, on its way to my apartment. Via gchat, I told my friend Amy this.
4:03 PM me: i bought a cape online
4:04 PM Amy: hahaha
me: no, not for halloween
for everyday use

Everyone thinks it was for Halloween. Bad timing.

What can I say, I'm a slave to fashion trends. Remember, I have been contemplating purchasing a trendy cape for some time.

My friend Julie is pro-cape.

1:25 PM Julie:i'm glad you're really doing this
1:26 PM
getting a cape

She claims that they were all the rage at this year's Treasure Island - hipsters have no use for sleeves apparently.

In fact, she was so persuasive that I got the color she liked best.

3:30 PM Julie: i like the green one
black would be kinda boring
haha because the last thing you want your cape to be is boring

I will report back when my ASOS cape arrives. D.C., get ready.

To be continued...