Words with Friends and Enemies

I'm currently playing 4 simultaneous Words With Friends games on my iPhone and I'm losing all of them.

This is not good for my self esteem.

The worst part: I am an English major! In my defense, I never took Scrabble 101.

Words With Friends is better than Scrabble, because there is no need to pull out a dictionary to check if words are real. You can just arrange letters on the board and click submit until the computer accepts the word.

These are "words" - and i use that term loosely - that have been played in our WWF games.

  • sib
  • wert
  • xu
  • wodge
  • poots

Poots? Really? Poots.

I tend to argue about the truthiness of these words.

me: debie, wodge is barely aword

Debie: haha

2:16 PM i keep thinking of wodge and laughing

i was trying for anything, clearly.

Debie: hahaha apparently wert is aword!

and so is xu

what does poots mean??

2:13 PM other words i've used and don't know what they mean: poh, rime, dreg

But I can't even think of made-up words, let alone real words.


11:19 AM Joseph: i'm on fire

you might as well resign this game

me: i know - it's not looking good for me

11:20 AM i'm getting desperate

turns out "zorgs"