NYE 2010

First things first: check out this bottle of wine my friend bought. Another llama-branded item I must buy.

My friend Kate told everyone she like giraffes, and sure enough, she got giraffe-related gifts for every birthday and Christmas ad nauseum. I'm hoping something similar will happen for me if I keep talking about llamas regularly.

Now to the real business - first blog post of 2011! Settle in for a little photodiary of my trip to NYC for NYE.

Still a lot of snow on the ground when we arrive. This dog surveyed the scene. "Finally!" he thought.

Joe snapped this oh-so-"Nighthawks" Hipstamatic shot. I've never looked so mysterious!

Decoration outside a house in Williamsburg. Sounds like a plan.

We went to Pies 'n' Thighs, where they serve fried chicken and pies, of course. Joe kept calling it Legs 'n' Thighs. "That's a strip club," Debie said.

And yes, pictured above is a gluttonous helping of butter on that biscuit.

More butter. Yum...

Fried chicken in one hand, chicken biscuit in the other.

All food prepared by short-order hipster cooks.

At dim sum, where we ate an incredible array of food for a mere $15. A waiter graciously brought me a fork, perhaps after they saw me wrestling with chopsticks and the ensuing dumpling droppage.

Did a little shopping in Soho, but the crowds made me realize that I almost prefer online shopping. These are toddler-size combat boots at the new All Saints store. I found a Rachel Zoe-style furry gray vest on a sale rack. I held it up. "Please, no," Joe said. He was a trooper to put up with the cape, but every man has his breaking point.

He lucked out because the gray fur vest was still $800 - even on sale.

Speaking of online shopping, I bought this Rachel Roy dress on super sale back in November, but when it arrived, I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to put it on. It looked straightforward enough on the website, but in real life there were all sorts of fabric flaps and what looked like extra-arm holes. After 25 minutes of puzzling, I finally figured it out. There should've been an Ikea-style directions booklet.

Tada! Rocking the Snookie poof. 2010 was the year of Snookie, wasn't it?

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we went to a "Secret Loft Party" that our friend, the fabulous Lani Love, dj'ed at. Secret loft party = the apogee of cool for 2010. Lani wrote about the party here!

Ringing in the New Year.... Beyonce style... Notice the fancy gold finger nail ring.