Hey Ms. DJ

This weekend, I had my first "DJ" gig - my good friend Serena asked me if I would like to DJ her wedding, and I agreed. What are my credentials? I have none. I just like music.

But not the kind of music people like. My picks aren't generally crowd-pleasers. If I had my way, I would play Of Montreal, the deep cuts.

Serena is smart, however and picked out her own playlist, with music that was recognizable. My job was to press "Play" on iTunes. Sounds simple enough. But still I worried. "You're going to screw up and ruin the wedding," Serena joked. Yes, that was my worry.

It turned out fine. I had to race back and forth past the wedding party to get to the laptop, which might have been obtrusive. My skills were rudimentary, yes. But when guests at a wedding breakdance to Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic," I deem it a success. In short, invite fun people to your wedding and you'll have a good time, regardless.