NYC Weekend March 2010

Photos from my quick trip to NYC this past weekend.

Stoop sitting outside of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum.

How joyous is this scene? You have to go to a Fuerza Bruta performance. I don't want to say much about it because I think it's better that way, but rest assured, it is a spectacle. Also, you may get wet. And that's all I will say.

My friend Amy suggested the show and I said why not, as long as I don't get pulled onstage to dance. Sure enough, a dancer grabbed me by the elbow and tried to drag me on stage. My feet were rooted to the floor, an expression of absolute terror on my face. "No, please, anything but that."

Amy went onstage instead, and she was terrific! A star is born!

My diet over the weekend was not particularly healthy. I give you: pieces of pizza that dwarf Jumbo Slice. (Cell phone denotes a sense of scale).

How can you not be happy while eating a cupcake from a place called "sugar Sweet sunshine."