10 Miler = Finished!

Turns out the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile race on Sunday was nowhere near as scary as I imagined. The first three miles were the toughest for me, but then the rest was fine. It was a beautiful day, and when I got to the finish line I was glad to be done but I felt like I could have run farther.That's a crazy statement for me, since I am not a runner at all, and I never even imagined I would ever be able to run 10 miles. But earlier in the fall, I talked to my friend Linda about running and she said if you can run 5 miles, you can run 10 miles.

I once ran 5 miles on the treadmill during a particularly engrossing episode of "Real Housewives," so I thought perhaps 10 miles was possible. And it was! So this is for everyone who said I could finish the race, and for the few who said I couldn't - mainly my dad, whose exact words were "You'll never do that."OK, so my family was skeptical, as their main memories are me parked on the couch eating fruit snacks. But I'm telling you, if I can run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, anyone who puts their mind to it can run it too!