An Instagram Evening: Cinco de Mayo Edition

I've transferred my allegiance from Hipstamatic to Instagram. Even though Hipstamatic does have "hip" in the name. Instagram just has more options.

I took all these photos on Cinco de Mayo. Which is in fact completely unrelated to the subject of the photos.

I will keep you abreast of the construction progress on the new D.C. Shake Shack (!). No need to move to NYC now...

Joe's former coworker's magnificent koi pond. It's like a secret garden in the city. I was mesmerized by those fish! Some koi facts: they can weigh 30 pounds and live more than 125 years. It's true, I just fact-checked it. One of the rare koi in this pond is white and has a perfect red dot on his forehead, symbolizing the Japanese flag.

Exploring different Instagram filters.

I couldn't even keep a goldfish alive!

One of the coolest house numbers I've ever seen - metal cutouts of the numbers illuminated from within.