Moving Day

I'm moving apartments this weekend. Gotta get Percy the Llama packed up on and on the road (with bubblewrap for safekeeping).

Isn't funny that when you move, you think somehow everything will be better in this new space. An empty apartment equals a clean slate. A chance to forget the past and do things right from now on.

"I won't hoard so much junk," you think as you survey blank rooms. "I'm going to cook more, healthy food and gourmet stuff. I'll probably work out every day. Yes, I won't be late for the bus anymore, and maybe I'll muster up the energy to wear makeup to work more than one day a week."

I know this sentiment defies logic in a way that is uniquely human, but I'm hoping it will be true. It will at least be different, and for someone who isn't great with change, different might already be a step in the right direction.